When Hoshijiro Shizuka was consumed by the Gauna this advanced unit started to appear throughout the series. This is one of the first real threats to Sidonia, it appears to be a trained fighter as apposed to its previous enemies. The markings on this Gauna resemble Hoshijiro’s 702 and can be seen as damaged or in perfect form.

Benisuzume – Additional information

  • This seems to be the Gauna of choice now. After its appearance it has been the only one to appear.
  • The pilot is able to speak in Hoshijiro’s  voice
  • The pilot does not seem to care about her previous comrades. Often taunting the rest of the pilots in open channels stating her kills “One target down”.



Higgs Particle Cannon

Located towards the head of the Gauna this weapon fires a concentrated amount of Higgs Particles towards their opponent.


Gauna Tentacles

Gauna can hurl what seems to be an endless amount of tentacles towards their enemy. Often used while in close combat as it is capable of piercing through a Garde’s armor thus killing the pilot.


Placenta Hoshijiro               Gauna Gif