After running out of food a hungry Nagate Tanikaze ventures into areas where his deceased grandfather forbid him go for all of his life. Tanikaze eventually runs into a rice processing plant where he is caught off guard and found by 2 staff members. Startled, he manages to escape by hitching a ride on a processing cart. Or so he thinks. While on the cart he hits his head which knocks him unconscious and awakes at a near by hospital.

As news of the rumored mole man starts to travel around Sidonia Tanikaze awakes and tries to make an escape out of the hospital. Unfortunately for him his only route to escape is jumping out of a multiple story building which he did not think twice about. Furthermore to add insult to injury a small crowd has already formed at the base of the building leaving his escape all but sure. As he runs through the crowd he encounters Norio Kunato who greets him with a swift punch to the face knocking him out cold.

Tanikaze awakes yet again in a foreign place where he meets Shizuka Hoshijiro who tells him not to worry. As his hunger continues to set in he hits his head on a nearby table. Shortly after they’re greeted by an agent who notifies Tanikaze that there is someone who wishes to sponsor him. As they make their way to the location where the sponsor is located the agent introduces himself as Ochiai and lets him continue to eat his rice ball. When they make it to the room where his sponsor is located Ochiai informs Tanikaze that he cannot accompany him any longer.

Kobayashi - Episode 1

Kobayashi – Episode 1

When he makes up a set of stairs he is greeted by a person wearing a mask at the end of a long room. Startled by the person he seems hesitant to go forward. As the unnamed and masked person walks toward him he takes off her mask and eventually embraces him with a favor to ask. “I want you to become a Guardian Pilot” After accepting he is then transferred to a boarding house where he is greeted by the den mother Lala Hiyama. Shocked to see a talking bear he becomes very fearful where she tries to cheer him up by saying if he was afraid of her metallic claw-like hand. She informs him that he stick and he should change into some new clothes and walks away.

Shortly after his first day of class he is sent a message via his watch to get ready to sortie (mission). Upon arriving to the launch station he is instructed that his unit will be on lane 5. As the Tsugumori begins to rise from the floor he and the rest of the pilots are in awe that he has been given this monument as a newbie pilot. Upon starting the mining mission they’re greeted with the presence of a Gauna. The Gauna manages to pierce the armor of one of his comrades and smacks Tanikaze unconscious.



Type 18 Leader board

Type 18 Leader board

Episode 1 - Tsugumori Monument

Episode 1 – Tsugumori Monument