Name: Hiroki Saitou
Relatives: Nagate Tanikaze
Current Status: Deceased
Mechs: Tsugumori
First Appeared
Anime: Episode 7
Voice Actor
Japanese: Rikiya Koyama
English: Michael McConnohie

Over 100 years ago (series stated 100 years have passed since the last Gauna attack) Hiroki Saitou was Sidonia’s ace pilot. He valiantly piloted the Tsugumori during the previous war  and protected Sidonia from the gauna’s attacks. He is Nagate Tanikaze’s grandfather and trained him to become a future ace pilot.

Hiroki Saitou – Additional Information

Hiroki really isn’t Nagate’s grandfather rather he abducted him when he was a baby. Nagate is a direct clone of Hiroki and was to become him eventually. Hiroki did not feel that this innocent child should be a test subject so he took him from the incubator and promised Kobayashi that he would train him and teach him everything that he knows. Not only was he the best pilot Sidonia had at the time he also could stand his own even at an old age in close combat. In the series it shows that he is ambushed while taking Nagate and  he is able to take out any guard that attacked in close combat. After getting hit with a couple of arrows from archers Lala manages to take out a few of them and screams for him to run. Hiroki finds an exit and dives underground into the inner maze of Sidonia.

Hiroki Saitou Gif - Combat