Name: Kobayashi
Relatives: No known relatives
Current Status: Alive [ Immortal ]
Rank: Captain
First Appeared
Anime: Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese: Sayaka Ohara
English: Wendee Lee

She is the captain of Sidonia and basically the caretaker of humanity. She hides her face behind a mask presumably to hide the fact that she does not age and not not bring attention to the fact that she is immortal. During the series she wears a mask to hide her true identity.  She was also once a Garde pilot and fought along side Hiroki Saito, and Lala Hiyama.

Kobayashi – Additional Information

Kobayashi is currently caretaker to Nagate. She seems to be extremely helpful to him and often pops up around the city without her mask in different situations trying to help him out. Often questions herself on the way she treats Nagate as she does not want to be too harsh and push him away the same way she eventually did with Hiroki.  Her job is basically the safety of mankind and has been known to have a whatever it takes attitude to ensure the lively hood of humanity. If she has to kill half of the city in order to save the other half she has and she will make the call without hesitation.


Captain Kobayashi tending to Nagate without her mask.