Name: Hiyama Lala
Relatives: No known relatives
Current Status: Alive [ Immortal ]
Position: Den Mother
First Appeared
Anime: Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese: Sayaka Ohara
English: Wendee Lee

Lala is a very caring and understanding person. Her current job on Sidionia is den mother and really has taken a liking to Nagate as he is a reminder he of her old best friend Hiroki Saitou. Her job really entails cooking, cleaning and caring for Nagate. It was also because of Lala that Hiroki was able to escape underground (She managed to pick up a guard and haul him over her head and took out the archers).

Lala Hiyama – Additional Information

Lala and Kobayashi are the only 2 survivors from the previous wars. Her devotion to her friend Hiroki is what caused her to leave the immortal council and become a Den Mother.

Lala and Hiroki Gif