The Tsugumori is a type 17 Garde from the fleet of Sidonia. The originating pilot of Sidonia’s only version 17 belonged to Hiroki Saitou and then was given to his grandson Nagate Tanikaze. Since this was the Garde that saved Sidonia from a Gauna attack over 100 years ago it is considers a great honor to pilot the unit.

Tsugumori – Additional Information

  • Prior to Nagate’s appearance the Tsugumori was presented in Sidonia as a monument.
  • The Tsugumori is unlike the newer Garde on Sidonia. This older model does not have an auto pilot system and requires more attention in order to successfully pilot the unit.



High Vibration Blades

Metal blades edged with some type of energy capable of cutting through the Gauna’s tentacles. Normally used for close combat situations .


Gatling Gun

Gun capable of firing multiple shots at an amazing speed. Used while in close combat or when trying to damage a Gauna’s ena


Higgs Particle Cannon

Located towards the head of the Garde this cannon fires a concentration of Higgs Particles towards the Gauna capable of destroying its ena and explosing its core. While there is no recoil it does use up its reserves. Must be used sparingly or it can render a Garde immobile.

Guided Explosives

Located under the arms there are 4 missiles per unit. Once locked in the will move towards the target and explode upon contact.



  1. Garde Status Screen – Screen shows the current  information for the Garde. If there are any issues or specific parts not working they will be shown. Parts that are no longer working will show that area with a red outline
  2. Radar Display – Displays current information on distances to objects in relation to the piloted Garde.
  3. Pilot Health Status –  Displays pilot vital signs
  4. Primary Flight Display – Gives the pilot information about the Gardes pitch and roll. Also displays information to the pilot regarding altitude.