Type 18 Garde

Type 18 Garde in formation

The type 18 is the current and widely used Garde on Sidonia.  The type 18 garde is currently being produced by Kunato Developments with a more advanced system than its 17 counterpart. The autopilot system allows for an easy transition from trainee to pilot as it requires a lot less from the pilot. In terms of weaponry the unit remains the same sporting the exact abilities as the Tsugumori.



High Vibration Blades

Metal blades edged with some type of energy capable of cutting through the Gauna’s tentacles. Normally used for close combat situations .


Gatling Gun

Gun capable of firing multiple shots at an amazing speed. Used while in close combat or when trying to damage a Gauna’s ena


Higgs Particle Cannon

Located towards the head of the Garde this cannon fires a concentration of Higgs Particles towards the Gauna capable of destroying its ena and explosing its core. While there is no recoil it does use up its reserves. Must be used sparingly or it can render a Garde immobile.

Guided Explosives

Located under the arms there are 4 missiles per unit. Once locked in the will move towards the target and explode upon contact.