Name: Nagate Tanikaze
Relatives: Hiroki Saitou
Current Status: Alive
Nick name: Mole Man
Mechs: Tsugumori
Type 19 [ Prototype ]
Type 18 [ Temporarily ]
First Appeared
Anime: Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese: Ryōta Ōsaka
English: Johnny Yong Bosch

Nagate Tanikaze is the main character of the anime series Knights of Sidonia. Nagate has lived most of his entire life underground with his grandfather Hiroki Saitou training to become an ace pilot. After his grandfathers death (old age) Nagate ventured out of the underworld in search of food. Luckily for him he managed to find a a rice factory but unfortunately for him he was apprehended while trying to escape.

Nagate Tanikaze – Additional Information

Unlike the rest of the inhabitants on Sidonia, Nagate cannot photosynthesize; Leaving him with having to eat a lot more consistently than his counterparts. At the beginning of the series he is often ridiculed due to an apparent smell that comes with eating a lot more often (gas?). It is not until later in the series that it’s revealed that he is actually a clone of his grandfather Hiroki Saitou. Aside from obtaining his grandfathers piloting skills he is considered an immortal. That is not to say that he cannot die but he does have an apparent regenerative ability often healing serious injuries in only a couple of days.

Hiroki Saitou was once considered Sidonia’s best ace pilot. In the first episode it is shown that Tanikaze has infact passed his grandfather. His grandfathers highest score on the garde simulator is only in position #4 while Tanikaze has reached the maximum points of 99999 at least 3 times.


Nagate-gif   Nagate Tanikaze GIF