Norio Kunate
Name: Norio Kunato
Relatives: Mozuku Kunato [ Sister ]
Current Status: Alive
Mechs: Type 18
First Appeared
Anime: Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese: Takahiro Sakurai
English: Todd Haberkorn

Kunato, coming from a rich family is one of those who you find often in an anime with a sense of entitlement and a I’m better than you attitude. Kunato was the top ranked trainee pilot in the flight simulator results and was / is a great pilot while on sorties.  He lives in his family’s mansion which has multiple layers with his sister Mozuku Kunato. He dislikes Nagate because his dream was to one day become the pilot of the Tsugumori.

Norio Kunato – Additional Information

His families riches come from Kunato Developments. This company is responsible for the production of the Type 18 Garde. During the sortie to save the Anti-War residents Kunato is eventually targeted by Benisuzume and starts to freak out. It is because of this that he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder which caused him to quit being a pilot. By the end of episode 12  it left off with Nagate visiting the mansion and asking him to return to his duties as a Guardian Pilot as he values his friendship and knows he is indeed a great pilot.