Name: Shizuka Hoshijiro
Sex: Female
Relatives: No known relatives
Current Status: Deceased
Mechs: Type 18
First Appeared
Anime: Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese: Aya Suzaki

Hoshijiro is amonst the first to really accept Nagate and be friendly towards him. She is a very compassionate person and often goes out of her way to make others feel happy. She started the series off as a trainee pilot like the majority of the cast and when her time was up progressed to full pilot status. During one of their sorties she has to eject from per pod and Nagate is the only one to go after her. After finding her pod they spend some time together floating in space and she continues to take care of Nagate . Eventually it starts to be come apparent that their relationship should become a little bit more than just as friends.

Shizuka Hoshijiro – Additional Information

Hoshijiro is ranked number 2 for trainee’s using the simulator for the type 18 Garde. As a trainee the only person better than her is Kunata and because of this is selected for more difficult sorties. During Episode 6 – Salutations she gives the ultimate sacrifice and gives up her life in order to save Nagate. After being consumed by the Gauna she returns as Benisuzume, and as placenta Hoshijiro. Benisuzume doesnt seem to care much for Nagate whereas placenta Hoshijiro absolutely remembers him.

21    Placenta Hoshijiro