Leaderboard for Version 17 Garde Simulator

Version 17 of the Sortie simulator is the simulator used by previous pilots while learning how to pilot the type 17 Garde (Tsugumori). This version unfortunately does not have an auto-pilot system built in and required additional training to master. Hiroki Saitou trained Nagate Tanikaz since a very young age using this so naturally he can perform better in the older Garde.

The simulator is first shown in Episode 1 where the series starts as Nagate is performing a simulated sortie mission. The program itself does have a voice and warns Nagate of a Gauna sighting. System also has a leader board of 5 positions which currently Nagate holds the top 3 positions with perfect scores, a somehow missing 4th score, and the score from his grandfather with 92583.

There is a newer simulator being built  using this version as a base in order the pilot the more advanced Gardes.


Version 17 Garde Simulator Screen